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Our Team



Dave & Trish Owners

Dave and Trish are the proud owners of our vineyards and tasting room. With hard work and determination they have built the business from the ground up, all while volunteering for community organizations and continuously remaining charitable in their endeavors. They enjoy spending time with their family and 17 grandchildren!


Michael Webster General Manager / Winemaker

Michael is the general manager and winemaker. Son in law to Dave and Trish, Michael started out as a seasonal cellar worker over 10 years ago. Learning everything hands on he has allowed Hawk's Landing to grow and produce exceptional wine. He enjoys spending his time with his wife & four children as well as cycling!


Stephanie MooreTasting Room Manager

Stephanie is our tasting room manager who has been in the industry for 10 + years. Her welcoming attitude and friendly demeanor add to the positive atmosphere of the tasting room. She enjoys her free time with her husband and two children!


Taylor AvilesAssistant Tasting Room Manager

Taylor is the assistant tasting room manager, who started out in the office at the vineyard. Her eager attitude and expressed interest in the opening of our tasting room made for an easy desicion as a fit for this position. She enjoys being active, the great outdoors & wine!